About The American Hitting Association

Educate & Inspire Hitting Development

Baseball & Softball are beautiful games BUT if you don’t hit well… it can be very frustrating! We try and provide education and inspiration to have more ‘good’ days! 

Promote Amateur Baseball & Softball Growth

Baseball & Softball are beautiful games that inspire & promote learning attributes such as teamwork, problem solving, dealing with failure, goal setting and achieving as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Conduct Hitting Events

From Hitting Camps, Coaches Clinics and the American Hitting Experience, the AHA is involved in several different events based around hitting.

Provide ‘All Things Hitting’ Content

AHA Contributors and Community provide Instructional videos, educational articles, presentations, photos, reviews, interviews, Inspirational stories and more ‘all things hitting’.

Mission & Goal

Make better hitters, better coaches, better informed fans and parents, promote and help grow baseball and softball. Then help create the ultimate athletic experience for all involved