A Good Launch Position – Swing Mechanics

Power Load Image

Understanding what a good launch position is, how to get there and some ideas of mental and physical cues is the underlying theme of this article.

The LAUNCH, or what I call POWER-LOAD position, is the point in the swing in which the hitter’s hand and body movements switch from loading to exploding to towards the pitch.

SEPARATION the the movement where the hitters is loading and the lead foot “separates from hands creating a “rubber band” effect.

COMMON FAULT: If you do not get in proper “launch position”, your chance of maximizing each swing is very poor. Most young hitters land with too much weight on back leg, and hands aren’t in proper launch position.

WHY get into proper launch position?

Getting the hitter to the most powerful and efficient striking position possible.

Getting the hitter’s head and eyes in the best tracking position possible.

Loading is created by squatting on back leg  or moving away from the pitcher (linearly) and turning the body slightly inward toward the plate (rotationally) .

LAUNCH SEPARATION is making sure the hands stay back and the torso stays square to plate as the hitter strides to athletic position.(This creates a “slingshot” effect”)


  1. Athletic base and hitting posture

  2. Hands behind back shoulder and height about even with shoulder

  3. Back elbow up and/or back (elbow-torso separation)

  4. Hand/wrist load – knob pointed towards catcher

  5. “Choke effect” – chin set on top of front shoulder,  head level and eyes square to the pitcher


Mirror drill

Pre-stride drill – when doing any drill or batting practice, pre- stride or get into the powerload or launch position early to make sure you are in the correct position. It may mess up your timing some, but the rewards for getting in this powerful position are worth it.


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