Do All Hitters have a Mental Approach?

Every hitter has a mental approach whether they know it or not.

Specifically addressing “the hitters plan at the plate”, even if you have the no brain, no headache, see it and hack approach… THAT is an approach.

As hitters or coaches, the idea is to find out what works best for each individual although I TRULY believe a sound, team approach is critical.

An approach featuring being aggressive on heaters middle to away and smashing hanging off speed pitchers as your “either/or” approach is a good example of what could be a ”Team Approach.”

Zone it up, pitch it up, wother/or it up or just see it and ghetto hack! They are all good approaches for some and may be the one to make a hitter flourish.


IMO, being as immersed in the industry and talking with as many people at as many levels that will talk to me combined with observing as much as I can, I find what I believe is a problem.

Hitters, coaches, parents… we have to try different things. We adopt the latest launch angle cage bomb theory at nauseam but when it comes to trying(and committing to) mental approaches, that’s not comfortable or immediately satisfying … so it doesn’t happen nearly as much as it should.

There are a few hitters who you don’t even want them to read this cause they are so gifted, you don’t want to short out their process because it’s working!!! I get it and agree.

But for the other 90+ % of us, we need to make sure our “Hitting Preocessing System” has the latest updates and no viruses. It’s not easy, it’s uncomfortable, it’s humbling but if you truly want to be the best hitter or coach, you might want to leave Comfortable County and grow.

Then everyone wins.

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