Online Hitting Instruction Program Impresses

The online hitting instruction program impresses with simple, factual and detailed program with memberships for all budgets., which uses what they call, “The Athletic Hitting Program” as their basis of the hitting instruction is a online hitting instructional program for baseball and softball players, coaches and parents of all ages and skill levels. logo

The simplicity of their teaching methods, how they acquired the information used, the variety of offerings and the budget friendly options for professional hitting instruction is impressive.

The program creator is a well respected hitting coach and speaker that has done things a little differently which may make this program as effective a program that’s available. Billy Kehoe has coached hitters at every level there is but has spent the last 20 years traveling the country working with mostly 8-18 year old baseball and softball players.
He talks about seeing patterns that was impossible to see until he was able to work with the tens of thousands of hitters which allows for a “cheat code” that attacks the universal swing faults and improves hitters rapidly!

The digital platform includes a beautiful website and a mobile app as well!

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